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Collective Worship for week of 20th April 2020

Friendship: encourage one another and build each other up.

Prayer of encouragement


Leader:         Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of our friends. At every opportunity help us to

All:              encourage one another and build each other up.

Leader:         Make us aware when our friends are sad or feel that they have failed. Help us to

All:              encourage one another and build each other up.

Leader:         When we are tempted to be negative or criticise our friends, instead, help us to

All:              encourage one another and build each other up.


Monday 20th April 2020

Do you remember the story about Filling Up your Bucket?  ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ by Carol McCloud.  You can hear the author reading it here  Have  listen with your family and enjoy filling each other’s buckets.

Can you draw a bucket-filling picture?

God wants us all to be bucket-fillers!  That’s just what St Paul was saying in his letter to the Thessalonians.

Paul wrote lots of letters, many of the books of the New Testament in the bible are letters he wrote. Do you remember that some of our friends in Year 6 went to Greece with Mr Sanders and Mrs Hughes?  They visited Thessaloniki - that's the place where the people lived who Paul was writing to!  They saw some of the same buildings that those people would have known.


Tuesday 21st April 2020

Today there’s a drama you can act out with your family to help you think about what it means to ‘encourage one another and build each other up.

A construction that has taken a long time to build up can be knocked down very quickly. Think of three words to describe how you think Danny was feeling when he walked off. 

Do you think it will be easier for Danny to remember all the positive, encouraging comments or the negative criticism? Why is that?

A good friend always builds up friendship and makes it stronger.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

1 Thessalonians 5:11 – What does it mean to encourage someone and build them up?

Have you got some toy bricks, or something you can safely pile up?

Get together with your family, you will need the bricks (or similar), pieces of paper and a way to stick the paper onto the bricks.

Think about what each member of your family is really good at.  Have a go at creating a wall by building up the things that your family are good at – encourage each other as you ‘build up’ the wall.

Or you could ‘make’ a bucket and fill it with these things.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Today it is World Thinking Day which is a special celebration led by the world guiding and scouting movement. Members are encouraged to think of others before themselves and to do what they can to help others.  There are so many Key Workers doing just that at the moment that it makes World Thinking Day even more special this year.

We usually encourage children to wear their Rainbow, Brownie, Guide, Beaver, Cub, Scout, Sea Scout or other uniform in school and we celebrate those organisations where children (and adults) work together to benefit others.

Wear your uniform today.  Say your Promise again.  Write a prayer to say thank you to all the Key Workers who are doing everything they can to keep us all safe at the moment.  If you haven’t already, maybe you could put a rainbow in your window.

Friday 24th April 2020

Have a look at this photo of three boys.  Talk about how you can tell that they are good friends. 

Have a look through some photos of your family and friends, send them a message to say you’re thinking of them.  Tell them what makes you smile when you think of them.

Maybe an adult can help you to light a candle and you can say thank you for those good memories and good friends.