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Collective Worship week of 6 July

This is week 5 of our theme of Respect.  This week we're thinking about "Valuing different opinions."

"Show proper respect to everyone." 1 Peter 2:17

Monday 6th July

Today Rev'd Benedict has shared a Collective Worship video with us which you can see here.

You might like to download and try the Bella and Barney drama for yourself - but watch Rev'd Benedict's video first.

Tuesday 7th July

Yesterday, we heard about Barney and Bella (or Rev’d Benedict and his son) having different opinions.  Can you remember a time when you and a friend or family member had different opinions? 

Let’s think about the language we use to talk about our different opinions.

You’ll need two people for this example.  One of you will need to look at image A, the other at image B.

Describe your image to each other.

What do you notice?

What sounds the same, what sounds different?  Which parts of your picture did you describe first?  Why?

Have a look at each other’s pictures.

Does that surprise you?


We all have different opinions. Sometimes, even when we see the same thing, we will remember and ‘see’ different things to other people.

Have you ever disagreed with someone about something that happened?  Perhaps you were sitting in a different place and saw an event from a different angle, maybe you saw the start of a quarrel that others didn’t, maybe someone else noticed something that happened before a quarrel that led to it.  In films and TV sometimes the camera shows an event as if one of the characters is seeing it happen – this is called showing a ‘point of view’.  Different characters see things differently.  So do we, sometimes.

It is important to be able to understand other people’s opinions – their Point of View, to listen carefully to others and consider their opinions before making up your mind.

Find a still, quiet place inside yourself. You might like to use this prayer.

All-knowing God,

Help us to think about times when we believed we were the only ones who knew the whole truth.

Help us to remember times when we felt our view was right and everyone else was wrong.

Help us to recognise that all that we see if affected by where we are seeing from – our point of view.

May we be ready to change places with others and respect their point of view.


Wednesday 8th July

Today I’m going to share a video clip with you where two children interview people in their school to find out what they think respect means.  There are lots of different opinions here, are they right, or not?  What do you think and why?

Thursday 9th July

Why not join the Oak Academy’s national assembly today?

Friday 10th July

“If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”  This is an old Turkish proverb.

What do you think it means?

I’ve heard some people say that because we have two ears and only one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we speak. 

What do you think that means?

Stand facing a partner.  Count to three, then tell each other about the plot of the last story you read.

How easy was it to remember what your partner said?  Was it easy to talk at the same time as them?

Today, use the Turkish proverb, “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold” and create a poster to remind us why listening to others carefully and respecting their opinions is important.


Prayer for Forgiveness and Respect

Lord, sometimes we are rude and cross.

Please forgive us, and help us show respect.

Lord, sometimes we don’t listen to others.

Please forgive us, and help us show respect.

Lord, sometimes we only think of ourselves.

Please forgive us, and help us show respect.